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A mischievous smile with an intoxicating laugh, dazzling blonde locks cascading down a slender neck, and radiating cool, confident energy - I’m the woman sitting across the restaurant that you can’t peel your eyes off of. I know it, and more importantly, I love it. You can’t stop yourself from glancing at how my outfit clings delicately to my toned, athletic curves. When I move to take a sip of my drink, you can't help but notice the faint outline of my lingerie underneath. Now, you’re fantasizing about slipping my clothes off to reveal it, relishing in the softness of my skin, feeling my breath on your neck... and eventually letting ourselves surrender fully to the heat of our passion.


Let's make that fantasy a reality. 

Hey, babe. I’m Cassia. 


A well-read and witty social butterfly, I flourish when able to explore connection, stay adventurous, and have fun while doing it. I lead the kind of life I most enjoy - unconstrained, hedonistic, and wildly passionate. I savour every moment of this wonderful life, and am always grateful for the many beautiful moments and connections that create it. Sharing moments of laughter satisfies my soul.


My gaze is magnetic, my booty is impeccable, and my mind is sharp. I have a toned figure, legs for days, and the cutest pedicured feet - perfect for worshipping! 


I am a very positive person; I believe in the law of attraction and the power to transform your thoughts into physical reality. This is why I cherish being able to share my spark, spunk, and sensuality. I want to  provide you with a break from life to reset your mind and body, free from social expectations and pressures. We attract the energy that we allow into our lives, which is exactly why I would make an excellent addition to yours. 


My idea of a perfect date includes slowing down, allowing for intimate connection, followed by uninhibited, erotic play. What's yours? I love meeting people with different perspectives and experiences. As a genuinely curious and adventurous person, I truly value getting to know you on a deeper level. Small talk bores me, let’s explore the deepest parts of your mind and desires. 

More About Me:


I love to fill my time with travels and welcome every opportunity to do so.

The only thing that beats the feeling of climbing into freshly washed bedsheets is doing so with a sexy friend!

 If we are what we eat, then I’m the key lime pie from Cactus Club - sweet, cool, refreshing, tart, unique, and addictive. I can certainly satisfy your cravings!

 Nothing brings me more pleasure and satisfaction than turning you on.

If you find yourself intrigued, get in touch. We can pick each other's brains - building the tension before we devour each other. I can’t wait to meet you! 



Night Out

We could take on the town and then bring it back to my place, how does that sound? My current favourite drinks that hit the spot:

- A bottle of bubbly

- Espresso Martinis

- Dry Pinot Grigio


Gifts are always appreciated!

Want to surprise me with some new lingerie or a beautiful dress for our dinner date? Some of my faves are:

- Honey Birdette

- La Perla

- Revolve

- Holt Renfrew

- Nordstrom

Dinner Dates

Is there any form of foreplay as sexy as a scintillating conversation over a delicious dinner? A few of my favourite restaurants: 

- Gotham Steakhouse

- St Lawrence

- Hawksworth

- Miku

Pamper Me

I take impeccable care of myself, it's nice to get to take a break and be pampered! Treat my body with a relaxing reset at these spas:

- Miraj Hammam Spa

- Willow Stream Spa

- CHI, Shangri-La


Looking for a different way to express your appreciation?

Click here for my wishlist! 

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